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Depth gauges

GM series
GI series
SHG series

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Depth Calipers SHG series

Depth caliper gauges are intended for measuring of depths. The tool consists of a frame with a hardened measuring surfase and a rod with a measuring and hard deposited surfase. The frame is provided with a vernier. The rod is made with a sunk scale, which avoids wear of scale during the rod movement in the frame. The rod and vernier scales have mat finishing and chrome-plating, with no specks.

Part number ShG-160 ShG-250 ShG-315 ShG-400
Range, mm 0-160 0-250 0-315 0-400
Vernier reading value, mm 0,05 0,05 0,05 0,05
Base Price What's it? $56.1 $63.6 $65.1 $66.8

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