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Micrometer.org distributes high quality gauging products of Krin company, the lagest fine precision tools producer in Eastern Europe. Krin, founded in 1930, manufactures more than 300 variations of Precision Tools, Gauges, Measuring Instruments. Micrometer.org is dedicated to providing industrial, professional and consumer markets worldwide with the broad Krin product line at most reasonable prices.

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Note: Only metric micrometers are available.

Series Sample of Series Base Price
What's it?
Outside Thread Micrometers MK series Outside Thread Micrometer MK25 (0-25mm, 0.01mm) $45.0
Interchangeable Anvil Thread Micrometers MVM series Anvil Thread Micrometer MVM25 (0-25mm, 20 anvils) $73.7
Micrometer Depth Gauges GM series Micrometer Depth Gauge GM100 (0-100mm, 0.01mm) $53.9
Dial Depth Gauges GI series Dial Depth Gauges GI100 (0-100mm, 0.01mm) $81.5
Dial Inside Micrometers NI series Dial Inside Micrometer NI18 (10-18mm, 0.01mm) $98.7
Dial Thickness Micrometers TR and TN series Dial Thickness Micrometer TR10 (0-10mm, 0.01mm) $87.7
Depth Calipers SHG series Depth Caliper SHG160 (0-160mm, 0.05mm) $56.1
Thickness Micrometers ML series Thickness Micrometer ML10 (0-10mm, 0.01mm) $62.4
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